St. Joseph Catholic Church

Our Staff

Fr. Scott Wallisch, Pastor

[email protected]

Fr. Joel Haug - Associate Pastor

        [email protected]

Msgr. Michael Mullen, Senior Associate Pastor

Tom Mulvenon, Deacon  

Mark Mies, Deacon


Parish Office - 631-5983

Annie Clement, Communications Coordinator

          [email protected]

Sarah Kendrick, Adminstrative Assistant

          [email protected]

Accounting and Development - 631-0800

Vicky Cole, Parish Administrator

          [email protected]

Amy Kernan

Joanne Ohmes

Christian Formation - 631-8923

Beth Bracken, Director of Christian Formation

          [email protected]

Jared Rottinghaus, Youth Ministry

          [email protected]

Kathy Hirt, Secretary

          [email protected]

Music Ministry - 248-4591

Matt Winterhalter, Director

          [email protected]

Grade School - 631-7730

Jodie Maddox, Principal

Kelcey McCauley, Assistant Principal

Beth Pigott, Secretary

         [email protected]

Early Education Center - 631-0004

Theresa Gavila, Director

Susan Brown, Assistant Director

Copy Center

Seana Yearsley

         [email protected]

Maintenance - 248-4582

Joe Keehn,  Supervisor